Choosing Right PC Gaming Monitor

Factors to consider:

Frame Rate

Frame rate per second (fps) is the number of frames per second that the video card sends to the monitor; 30fps is the minimum value that makes a game playable, even if the optimal value would be a frame rate of a stable 60 fps to not have jerking. The best video cards on the market allow you to play games like Battlefield 4 with Full HD 1080p resolution and ultra-details without going below 60 fps. Of course, you need to have an adequate gaming pc.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate or vertical frequency, not to be confused with the frame rate, in simplified terms is the number of times the picture is “redesigned” on the monitor in a second. Usually this value is 60Hz or 120Hz if the monitor supports 3D. This has a big impact on the gameplay experience. In principle, one must know that if you play at 60 fps (frames per second) you will not have any major problems of visualization. If the frame rate increases and goes beyond 60fps and your monitor’s refresh rate is 60 Hz then you have the classic tearing effect (tearing of the image). In actuality, the monitor is not able to show all frames sent to the screen by the pc video card. An example of what tearing is, to work around this problem you can enable V-Sync (vertical sync); in this way, the video card will transmit at a frame rate equal to the maximum refresh rate supported by your monitor.

Response Time

or time of response is expressed in milliseconds (ms) and is the time necessary to turn on a pixel; to turn it off and turn it on again (BtB: black to black); to have a low response time is important to avoid ghosting or ghosting that is very evident with moving pictures on display with themes of high response. In general, the response time is lower in the TN panels compared to IPS. The best monitors for playing have a response time of less than 2ms, even 1ms. I advise you not to buy monitors for gaming with a response time greater than 5ms GtG. You must be careful when reading the value of the response time. Usually, the monitor manufacturers indicate the GtG gray-to-gray; a response time of 2ms GtG corresponds to about 8ms BtB.

Input Lag

This term is often read in articles that discuss the 3d smart TV. It is the time or the delay that elapses between when you compile an action by pressing a key on the keyboard, or on the mouse, on the controller and see the result on the screen. It concerns a very important investment especially when you have to choose a smart TV that you want to use for playing with PlayStation or Xbox or connect it to your PC.


TN, IPS, VA are terms that refer to the type of LCD panel. The principle TN monitors are cheaper and have excellent response times. The IPS panels reproduce color images more true to reality (best color) and have wider viewing angles compared to TN panels. The VA panels have excellent contrast, decent response times and good brightness. They are a middle ground between TN and IPS. There are several variations: MVA, S-MVA, P-MVA are more suitable for professional use.  Refer to previous post for detailed information.

 Some of the good 1080p TN Panel Gaming Monitors:

  • BenQ XL2420Z and BenQ XL2720Z:

Refresh rate: 144Hz
Response Time: 1ms
compatible with Nvidia 3D Vision

  • ASUS VG248QE:

Refresh Rate: 144Hz
Response Time: 1ms
 Nvidia 3D Vision support, DisplayPort;

  • Philips 242G5DJEB:

Refresh rate: 144Hz
Response time: 1ms
Nvidia 3D Vision support

  • ViewSonic VX2452MH:

Refresh rate: 75Hz
Response time: 2ms time.

  • AOC e2752She 27-inch monitor

Response time: 2 ms
Refresh rate: 60Hz

  • Asus VG278HE 27-Inch monitor

Response time: 2ms
Refresh rate: 144Hz
Nvidia 3D vision





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